Brittany is a local tutor on the westbank in Louisiana (Gretna, Harvey, Marrero, New Orleans). She has three years of experience tutoring in grades K-8th. She was born and raised in Gretna, Louisiana and is familiar with the public school systems in the area. Her passion is teaching and watching her students learn and grow. She has two associates degrees and is currently seeking her bachelor's degree in education. Brittany tutors year around to help your child be a successful learner. Brittany tutors in the following areas:


K-8th Math: Brittany has extensive knowledge of math and great resources to teach with. She uses manipulatives with her students when necessary and is familiar with many different teaching styles to suit the need of the learner. She is also comfortable with teaching Algebra I on a 8th, 9th, and college level.


K-8th Reading: Brittany has a reading program that her students have access to. Brittany enjoys reading and encourages her own students to read.


K-5th English: Brittany is familiar with most aspects of grammar. Brittany feels comfortable tutoring English up to a 5th grade level.


K-8th Writing: Brittany loves to write and loves to help others be successful at writing. She can help with papers or can teach children how to write better papers.


K-8th Science & Social Studies: Brittany can teach study skills when it comes to science and social studies. Since these two subjects are primarily memorization and facts, Brittany will teach your child the necessary study skills to do well in the subject.


K-8th Standardized Test Prep: Brittany can teach children to be better standardized test takers. This includes but is not limited to CTB Terranova, LEAP, and the Stanford Achievement Test.


Brittany is also available to take on home school and summer school students as well.